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Black Gate MUX
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This is a community for Black Gate MUX, which is a private MUX joinable by invitation only. The community exists for players and staff alike to trade ideas and post announcements.

Only members may join. If you are a player on Black Gate MUX and would like to be a part of this community, please contact fallofrain and she will make sure you're added.

The MUX was founded on July 17th, 2002.

For character journals, check out bgm_sockpuppets!
And for soundtracks, quotes and mood setting stuff, head over to bgm_moods.

Telnet address: heimdall.play-hookey.com 3100



Inland Taipan: fallofrain, Headwiz and Founder of the MUX.
Woma: kelen, Co-Headwiz, Building Wizard, News File Coordinator MUX-side.
Black Mamba: bastardized, Co-Headwiz, Theme Wizard, Web Design Team Coordinator.
Death Adder: courtindisaster Powers, Knee capper.

Asp: solar_exhalted, Site Wizard.
Diamondback: kbrighton, Web Master/Maintainer, Code Wizard

Staff Administrators:

Copperhead: philia Powers Staff
Water Moccasin: greenwings News File Librarian, Web Design Team.
Anaconda: Factions Staff.
Sidewinder: animarelic Pirates Staff.

Tinyplot Coordinators:
Rattlesnake: nightambre, TP Coordinator, Black Guard Staff
Fer-de-lance: reynardfox
Cobra: pax_deorum

Timberfolk Consultant: isaaru
Rovers Consultant: the_z